Implants for cartilage and bone repair in weight bearing joints such as the knee, ankle, and big toe. The implant biodegrades in the implantation site, and promotes the regeneration of cartilage and underlying bone in its place.



Minimally invasive treatment for ischemic stroke, that expands the treatment window from 4.5 to 24 hours. A miniature electrode is used to stimulate the SPG (a nerve center behind the nasal cavity) and increase blood flow to the brain.



Developing the first transfemoral mitral valve repair system with atraumatic anchoring. The system uses a safe, simple, and quick implantation method to deliver a device that preserves the valve’s natural leaflets, and doesn’t injure adjacent tissue.



Developing a non-surgical, endoscopic bariatric solution to treat obesity. NitiNotes’ flagship product is the EndoZip™, a fully automated, operator independent, and minimally invasive gastric volume restriction suturing system.



Rapid and automated microbiology lab system for infectious diseases diagnosis. Pocared’s system is based on a technology for automatically identifying bacteria in body fluids, by identifying their optical “fingerprint”.


Notal Vision

Remote monitoring of patients at risk of vision loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The ForeseeHome is a home-based system that enables early detection of visual changes, often before noticeable symptoms.



Cyber intelligence platform that detects & defuses threats before they become cyberattacks. By continuously crawling the Dark Web’s social network, Sixgill automatically monitors & analyzes illegal activity on a massive scale.



Automated phishing prevention, detection & response platform. IRONSCALES reduces false positives and the time from email phishing attack discovery to remediation from days, weeks or months to just seconds, with little to no security team involvement.



Ensuring patient safety & data protection by securing healthcare providers’ weakest link – the connected medical device ecosystem. Cynerio provides full visibility into medical device behavior, detects anomalies, and stops potential threats.


Sayata Labs

Automated, AI-based cyber risk assessment solution that provides accurate, data-driven and actionable insights for the insurance industry. Sayata’s solutions help businesses mitigate their risks, while enabling providers to grow their cyber book profitably.



Developing the first non-custodial digital currency wallet that removes the need to secure and manage private keys. ZenGo uses a mobile-first software approach with cutting-edge cryptography to secure crypto assets.



API security platform that detects and prevents breaches by analyzing anomalous behaviors. Imvision’s automated platform uses NLP-based technology to ensure safety for digital interactions between people, businesses, and machines.


Naval Dome

A maritime cyber detection & prevention system for mission critical onboard systems. Naval Dome’s solution can be used on all types and sizes of merchant, cruise and leisure vessels, requiring zero human intervention.



Revolutionizing legacy modernization, by offering independence from expensive vendors and eliminating high costs & risk. OpenLegacy’s platform dramatically simplifies the digital transformation process by generating APIs in minutes rather than months.



The industry’s first Debugging-as-a-Service (DaaS), which significantly cuts debugging time so developers can concentrate on writing code. OzCode’s solution provides root cause analysis, collaboration, and real-time bug triage across platforms.



Developing an AI-based platform for analyzing and extracting insights from satellite imagery from multiple sources. OneView is disrupting the Earth Observation market by creating a sensor-agnostic platform based on synthetic data, optimized for object detection and classification.



Performance-based ad exchanges for ad networks. Unlike large closed platforms that target advertisers, PLYmedia’s ad exchanges are exclusively ad network-focused, delivering 99% prediction accuracy.



Biological water and wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets. Aqwise’s family of solutions increases BOD and nutrient removal capacity, and delivers integrated, tailor-made solutions for both new and existing plants.



Audioburst is building the world’s largest library of audio content, making it more easily accessible & discoverable. Its AI-powered audio search platform allows users to plug in any topic and discover relevant on-air content that is then clickable to hear.



Providing municipalities, power & energy and heavy industry, as well as highly regulated industries such as dairy, food & beverage, aquaculture and pharmaceutical, with UV (ultraviolet) based water disinfection solutions.



Behavioral biometrics for mobile transactions. SecuredTouch’s technology profiles users based on their physical behavior with their device, allowing for real-time identity verification behind the scenes, eliminating passwords and strengthening security.

Acquired by Ping Identity


A first-of-its-kind cloud encryption solution designed for the realities of the modern cloud economy. Kindite’s platform opens up the cloud for enterprises and regulated organizations, overcoming risks of privacy, compliance and control.

Acquired by RingCentral


Dev-to-production security for workloads running on Kubernetes platforms. Alcide’s native integration with Kubernetes enables organizations to ensure their Kubernetes workloads are continuously scanned, monitored and properly secured.

Acquired by Rapid7


Cyber solutions that enable security operations teams to detect, investigate and remediate advanced threats. The SECDO platform automatically detects suspicious activity, while accelerating incident investigation and response.

Acquired by Palo Alto Networks


Providing enterprises with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of cloud usage & cost across multiple accounts and vendors, with actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, cut costs and enhance performance.

Acquired by Microsoft


A remote patient monitoring device for congestive heart failure patients. The µ-Cor uses microwave radar to monitor the level of fluid in the lungs as well as collect various data, all of which are analyzed using proprietary algorithms to determine patient-specific trends.

Acquired by ZOLL

Jordan Valley

X-ray based metrology solutions for semiconductors process control. Jordan Valley’s comprehensive family of tools enable accurate and precise measurements for countless thin-film applications, delivering unmatched speed, precision and resolution.

Acquired by Bruker

Given Imaging

Pioneer of capsule endoscopy and world leader in GI health. The PillCamTM video capsule is a disposable, miniature video camera contained in an ingestible pill, used to visualize different parts of the GI tract.

Acquired by Covidien


Software that uses automated real-time image processing to optimize and facilitate transcatheter cardiovascular interventions such as coronary catheterizations.

Acquired by Volcano


Rural, outdoor and metropolitan Wi-Fi connectivity solutions that triple the coverage and double the capacity in comparison to conventional solutions, and are quickly and effectively deployed.

Acquired by Alvarion


Endpoint data leakage prevention solutions that protect against corporate data loss via physical, wireless and removable ports, while ensuring compliance with regulatory data security and privacy standards.

Acquired by Wave Systems


Insulin patch-pump for people with diabetes, that is miniature and lightweight, uses no tubing, is detachable, discreet, and simple to use. The patch can be placed under clothing without interfering with daily activities.

Acquired by Roche


Access network solutions and products for telecom operators and service providers that enable a smooth migration path to Next Generation Networks without replacing existing infrastructure.

Acquired by Enablence


3D motion-sensing camera technology. 3DV’s 3-D depth cameras capture the locations of objects many times per second so they can detect an object and its trajectory, and are therefore much more accurate at detecting motion.

Acquired by Microsoft