Elron is a leading Israeli holding company dedicated to building technology companies that transform lives and industries

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A pioneer in Israeli high tech since 1962, we have proven expertise in identifying opportunities, building technology leaders, and exiting holdings. Elron is well known in Israeli and global markets for its impressive track record of identifying and building successful technology companies. We have established and later sold some of the pillars of the Israeli hi-tech industry, such as Elbit Systems, Elscint, Zoran, Partner, Netvision, and Given Imaging. Learn more about our legacy here.
As an operational holding company that invests its own capital in new and existing group companies, we have the flexibility to support the growth of our group companies over the long term, weather setbacks, and maximize exit events. We invest primarily in early stage companies with significant exit potential, in which we take leading shareholder stakes, enabling us to take a significant role in their development. Learn more about our investment strategy here.
We create shareholder value by providing a full range of operational and management support to our group companies. We participate in the management of most of our group companies, by means of active involvement in all aspects of their business and day-to-day operations, to guide them through their long-term objectives. Our hands-on approach has established our winning track record through a combination of leadership and guidance, business insight, capital support and financial expertise, in-depth market and industry knowledge, high-level business development, and strategic partnerships with a broad network of global partners.
Leveraging the vast R&D potential of Israel's universities and scientific institutions, along with the creativity and boldness of their researchers and entrepreneurs, we have excelled at identifying and nurturing opportunities that effectively take advantage of the country's unique knowledge and human capital.
Within our business strategy, we examine a broad range of proposals for investment and strategic cooperation, including through our subsidiary, RDC. RDC has first rights to commercialize military technologies developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in civilian markets. Rafael is a leading Israeli provider of high tech defense systems for air, land, sea and space applications. RDC seeks to identify technological projects and invest in companies in diverse fields that will either commercialize Rafael's military technologies or which will be benefited by Rafael's technology and know-how.
Today, we have significant holdings in a select number of start-up companies with disruptive potential, primarily in the field of medical devices. Recently, we expanded our focus to the cyber space. We are constantly and actively looking at new exciting ventures in order to continue and build tomorrow's technology leaders. 
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