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RDSeed invests in high-risk, early-stage digital ventures. RDSeed focuses on cloud-based technologies, IT, web & mobile apps, e-commerce and more. RDSeed helps startups grow and succeed, by leveraging its in-house capabilities and providing startups with all of their needs. With RDSeed, startups benefit from the largest R&D center in Israel (Rafael), a first-rate financial & legal team (Elron) and a cool, creative and engaged management team. 
RDSeed's portfolio includes: Otonomic, which turns the Facebook pages of small businesses and freelancers into professional websites in a single click; GetYou, a game app for discovering how the world "gets you" at first glance; OpenLegacy, an open source solution for modernizing legacy applications; Cloudyn, a cloud analytics and optimization platform that provides real-time visibility, cost reductions, and performance improvement recommendations for cloud deployments; and POSE, a web-based point of sale for small retailers that combines an easy-to-use interface with customer-oriented features.
RDSeed's headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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