Performance-based ad exchange for ad networks
PLYmedia is a next-generation ad-tech company dedicated to developing the world’s leading performance-based ad exchanges for ad networks. Unlike large closed platforms that target advertisers, PLYmedia is completely dedicated to ad networks – delivering 99% prediction accuracy that redefines industry standards of advertising ROI.

PLYexchange is an advanced collaborative performance advertising ecosystem. It enables ad networks to access and share high-value supply and demand. Performance ad networks in the PLYexchange ecosystem leverage each other’s strengths – trading supply demand like a stock market to maximize revenue and results. Adk2 is a fully-customizable white label ad exchange platform, optimized for performance advertising. It enables ad networks to create their own branded performance ecosystem, and enables precise control over key performance parameters – letting ad networks choose where ads appear and who sees them.

PLYmedia creates a safe trade environment for all ecosystem partners – protecting advertisers from questionable traffic and publishers from low-quality ads. PLYmedia is led by multidisciplinary experts with proven records of out-of-the-box thinking and success in digital advertising, ad network operations, and big data technology. PLYmedia's headquarters are located in Palo Alto, CA, with an R&D center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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